English Confidence


Oh English, Our English, Our Fearful Days Are Gone…

It was another resounding success for our two-part, full-day English Proficiency for IT Educators session held last Feb. 18, 2009 at UE-Recto.  It was facilitated by a very vibrant professor, Ms. Cora Delgado, who made the seminar alive, interesting, informative, and fun!  The group had a full day of learning, interaction, and sharing, and clamored for more in succeeding MSW’s.  It was truly an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Congratulations, Ms. Sheila Geronimo, for managing this project.  There are more to come in our subsequent MSW’s.  Wait for yet another round of seminars and workshops, particularly for the “IT in Pedagogy” slated this March.  See you all there!