[ESS] Object Oriented Design 1.3

Track 1: Object-Oriented Design and Best Practices (3 sessions run in a series) with Orange & Bronze

Description/Objective: A pragmatic course on how to build working, maintainable software. The objective of this course is therefore to teach the more advanced principles and techniques of Object-Oriented Design, to the point where such knowledge can be applied to design and build working, maintainable enterprise applications.

Topic content: General Responsibility Assignment Software Principles (GRASP) (Creator, Information Expert, Controller, Low Coupling, High Cohesion, Polymorphism, Pure Fabrication, Indirection, and Protected Variations

Training Calendar:

Face to Face Sessions: 28-Sept (1.3), 23-Nov (2.3), 25-Jan (3.3) (Whole Day)
Non Face to Face Requirements will be given as Assigments on the following Months: Oct, Dec, Feb
Culminating activity for Track 1 – Inter-school competition: 7-Mar

Registration: Each Institutional Member can send two applicants (primary & alternate) for screening. But only the primary applicant will have a guaranteed slot after screening, the alternates can be considered if there are still available slots.

Training Bond: The training is sponsored by Orange & Bronze and PSITE NCR including lunch and snacks during the face to face sessions. But each participant is required to deposit a refundable training bond of Php500.00 to be returned if fully complied with the requirements set by Orange and Bronze. (Attendance & Outcomes)

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Note: registration should be done through this online link and not by email.