[FEATURE] PSITE NCR Pioneering President – Mr. Presidio “Dio” R. Calumpit, Jr.

Meet the Pioneering President of PSITE NCR: Mr. Presidio “Dio” R. Calumpit, Jr.


PSITE NCR community is thankful to Dio, as he is fondly called by friends, who took the challenge to become the first PSITE NCR President in year 2003-2004! It was a tremendous challenge at that time to toggle responsibilities as the College Dean of the University of the East, and as president of a newly established chapter, having had to work extra long hours, and laying the ground works for the “touchdown, where the rubber hit the ground”, so to speak…with so many conflicts, issues and obstacles that he and his board had to tackle before taking off!


Dio graduated with an AB Economics degree at UE, earned his MS CS degree at Ateneo de Manila University, and completed all the academic requirements of DBA at DLSU in 2002.  He was a scholar for CICC in Japan in 1990 and 1999, and had attended various technical trainings in the course of his professional career.  He had held positions of progressive responsibility in UE, namely, computer teacher, assistant director for operations in the MIS department, dean, and consultant.  He later pursued his professional career as IT consultant in various firms in the USA, namely First Texas Resource Enterprise, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, and lately, Morgan Stanley in Manhattan, New York City.


Dio envisioned PSITE NCR to be a model chapter of PSITE Foundation Inc., recognized and supported by IT industry for partnerships with relevant academic-indsutry linkages.  He also would like PSITE NCR to be financially self-sufficient, and to be able to address issues with school administrators and CHED-NCR.


He extends his BIG congratulations to the PSITE NCR chapter and community, and to the past and present presidents and board members for their tireless and selfless contributions, for infusing new-found enthusiasm and commitment to a shared vision, and for translating that vision into a reality.  He is truly proud on how creative, ingenious, and much more powerful PSITE NCR had become in the course of eight (8) years of existence!


Actually, Dio, the PSITE NCR community is indebted to you, for planting the seed that has now grown into a fine tree!  Thank you for that pioneering work!  You had served as an inspiration to the PSITE NCR board, and to the community as well!  More power to you!

– graduated with ab economics degree at UE (1987)
– scholar/trainee, center of the international cooperation for computerization (CICC), tokyo japan, 1990
– graduated with ms in computer science at ADMU (1995)
– scholar/trainee, center of the international cooperation for computerization (CICC), and association of overseas technical scholarship, tokyo japan, 1999
– completed all the academic requirements of DBA at DLSU (2002)
– various technical trainings including at Symantec Professional Center, New York (2005-todate)
– computer teacher, UE College of Computer Studies and Systems 1988-2005
– asst director for operations, management information systems dept 1996-1997
– dean, college of computer studies and systems UE, 1997-2005
– mis consultant, UE MISD, 1998-2005
– it consultant, fist texas resource enterprise- na, houston TX, 2005-2006
– it consultant, jp morgan chase, manhatan, NY, 2006-2007
– it consultant, kpmg, montvale, NJ, 2007-2008
– sr. it consultant, pr newswire association, llc, 2008-2010
– sr. it consultant, kpmg, montvale, NJ, 2010-2011
– sr. it consultant, morgan stanley, manhattan, NY, 2011 – todate