Learning while having “FUN”

The Agile Methodology seminar/workshop marked the beginning of the second semester of school year 2008-2009 for PSITE NCR.  This was held in Jose Riza University (JRU) last November 10, 2008, and participated in by more than 60 individuals from various NCR schools.  Mr. Renato “Butch” Landingin, Chief Technology Officer of Orange and Bronze (OnB), first discussed Agile Methodology or Xtreme Programming (XP), then followed by a game which represnted the realization of the conept.  He shared his experiences using Agile in developing systems for customers.  It was emphasized in the seminar that collaboration between the customer and developer is the key factor in systems development.

During the game, storyboards (modules in systems development) were provided to five teams, the members of which served and acted as customers and developers.  Each storyboard had Complexity value and Market value.  The developers analyzed and estimated the complexity or degree of difficulty of each storyboard.  Then, all the storyboards were presented to the customers for validation, which were later prioritized.  Then, it went back to the developers for the implementation of the storyboard based on the priority set by the customers.   Based on the allotted time, all the finished storyboards were checked by the customers, and decided if the developers satisfied the requirements of the story.  Only finished stories were given credits by the facilitators coming from OnB and two PSITE NCR faculty members, namely, Arne Bana (University of the East) and Eric Bonus (JRU).  After going through the third round, group five was declared based on the total velocity (complexity * 2) of the group.  Everyone had enjoyed the activity, and went home with new knowledge in systems development.


– Contributed by Ms. Sheila Geronimo