[Linkage] 13th PSIA ESS on Agile Project Management for PSITE NCR members

The Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA) invites PSITE NCR to its 13th Enablement Seminar Series entitled “Are You Agile Enough? Agile Project Management” on Thursday, 26 April 2012, at the JV del Rosarion Room 2-5, AIM Conference Center, Makati City, and explore the benefits that Agile Software Development can offer to you.  PSIA has alloted 5 FREE seats for PSITE NCR member of good standing to this seminar (as part of PSITE NCR linkage). The main speaker for this seminar is Mr. Butch Landingin of Orange and Bronze (O&B), with panelists Mr. Dave Aguila of Pointwest Technologies Corporation and Mr. Roy Saberon of BlastAsia, Inc.

At the end of this Enablement Seminar, attendees will be able to learn and understand Agile Methodology/Project Management, to determine the fit of Agile Development Practices into their organization/projects/products, and to evaluate their existing Software Development Lifecycles for adaptation of Agile Development Methods/Practices.  


If you are interested, please send an email signifying your interest to PSITE National VP-Externals John Ruero at john.ruero@gmail.com, and carbon-copy PSITE NCR President Carmela Racelis at carmela_malong@yahoo.com.  The first five names will be sent to PSIA, and will confirm the free seats. However, those who do not get the free slots but still would like to join, may pay the academic discounted rate of PhP 350.00.  See you there!