[Linkage] Exploratory Talks with PSITE NCR Board and Kennesaw State University through Dr. Donald Amoroso

Aligned to the PSITE thrust on establishing extension and linkages, the PSITE NCR Board, led by its President John Ruero, met up with Dr. Donald Amoroso, Executive Director for International Center for Innovation in Technologies and Director for Japan Strategic Initiative Group of the Coles College of Business of Kennesaw State University, last 19-January-2012 at the 9Spoons Restaurant, Penthouse Level of the Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, Manila.

Dr. Amoroso’s main agenda in meeting the PSITE NCR board is to try to form partnerships with different universities for study abroad opportunities and potential research collaborations.  More specifically, to meet with the deans and academical officials of Philippine educational institutions to form a business relationship, talk to the director of the international office about study abroad programs and student exchanges, meet other faculty in Dr. Amoroso’s field for potential research collaborations, and find out about any collaboration opportunities with research centers in the Philippines. 


He will back in the Philippines on May 2012, and will visit Manila and other regions for the next five years.  As a sign of commitement, he has applied for individual membership to PSITE NCR, and paid the membership fee, becoming the first foreigner-member of our chapter!  We hope that this exploratory talk will bring in new linkages in the future, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and make things happen.