[Linkage] General information+reminders for the PSITE NCR Immersion trip

PSITE NCR is excited to stage another FIRST!  We will have our Immersion trip + MSW outside NCR, and we will be joined by our colleagues in the PSITE Regoin IV-A, led by PSITE National Board Roselie Alday.  We are hopeful that our PSITE National President Dr. Randy Gamboa will join us in the immersion trip!  As the immersion trip draws near, to those who have registered in this limited-seat event, here are some important informaton and reminders.  Please read on!

I. General information
   a. Venue: Remec Broadband Wireless International Inc. plant
   b. Assembly date, day & time : 3-Feb-2012, Friday, 7:30AM
   c. Assembly location/point: Shell Gasoline station, Magallanes, South Superhighway (beside Asia Pacific College), Makati City
   d. Departure time: 8:15AM
   e. Expected arrival at plant: around 9AM
   f.  Attendees: Total of 50 pax, as per reservation list
   g. Bus details will be provided by Mr. Rhett Ramos before the actual event date.  Only one bus will take us to the venue.
   h. Free Lunch will be served by the host institution.
   i.  We expect to finish by 3:30PM, but might spill over to 3:45PM.  Departure time at the latest is 4PM.
   j. The drop off point will be at Shell Gasoline station, Magallanes, South Superhighway (beside Asia Pacific College), Makati City

II. General reminders
   a.  Please come on time.  The bus will leave at exactly 8:15AM, and will not wait for latecomers.
   b.  Registration fee: PhP 200.00, which can be paid in the assembly point.
   c.  As per previous announcement, no-shows will be charged PhP 1,000.00.
   d.  Wear smart clothes.  No sandos nor slippers.
   e.  Just in case, please bring any valid ID.  If you can bring your school ID, the better.
   f.  As picture taking inside the semicon plant is not allowed, the host agreed to have only 2 designated photographers for the entire trip.  We can designate them while in the bus.
   g.  The participants will be divided into two groups, while in the bus.  This is to facilitate the flow of people while inside the plant.  After the initial welcome, overview session and first MSW session together in the staging area in the plant, one group will remain in the conference area, while the other group will tour the plant.
   h.  While touring the plant, we will be provided with overhauls and caps.
   i.  While in the plant, we are expected to behave as professional, mature adults.  We will stay together as a group, as loitering is not allowed in the plant.
   j.   No videos are allowed in the plant.
   k.  Take early breakfast, if necessary.
   l.  PSITE NCR will have a few fun+interesting activities/games while in the bus!