[Linkage] InCiTe 2012: 1st International Conference in Technology

PSITE NCR invites you to the InCiTe 2012: 1st International Conference in Technology to be held on May 10-11, 2012 at the Far Eastern University – East Asia College, (FEU-EAC), Manila.  The FEU-EAC is organizing this conference with the theme “Links: Towards Cultivating Technology Research Alliances”, with its  primary objective of providing a venue with its partner universities in Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia, and the  local Higher Educational Institutions to present their research as well as projects in various fields.  In line with this, FEU-EAC invites paper presenters for this conference.


Further, InCiTe 2012 will be featured in a Special Journal Issue of The Technology Journal. All submitted conference papers will be considered for inclusion in this Special Journal Issue.  As a partner-institution for this conference, PSITE NCR members will be given a 20% discount for non-author delegates!  For further details, you may download the file named “Call for Papers V3.2.doc” for the InCiTe 2012 Conference in the Downloads section of our website!  See you there!