[Linkage] PSITE NCR carries on with CAL

PSITE NCR, through its President John Ruero,  has recently forged a linkage with Compute Assisted Learning (CAL), represented by its AVP and Assistant Director Josephine Manalad, through a MOA signing last 2-Dec-2011 at the Don Henrico’s Restaurant, Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila.  Witnessing this event are PSITE NCR board officers, namely Rejan Tadeo, Avonn Nova, Jasmin Niguidula, Marvi Aresta and Jovy Factor; and Michael, CAL’s Business Development Manager for Region 3.

Through this MOA, PSITE NCR institutional members will receive discounted rates for CAL’s products, namely CAL EdTEch, CAL Online Hub (CAL OH), and even for those institutional members with secondary education through the CAL EdICT.  CAL will also become a regular sponsor for its choice of PSITE NCR MSWs or ESSs.

CAL OH takes advantage of the available technology to provide a training program that allows one to learn online. Through CAL OH, students have access to a variety of courses that can help in the development or enhancement of ICT skills.  Meanwhile, CAL EdTech is part of the CAL OH program that maximizes the use of technology for all school partners. CAL EdICT or Education in Information and Communications Technology is designed to enhance learning through a series of curriculum for preschool to high school levels.

PSITE NCR is still exploring other linkage activities with CAL, among them, inviting PSITE NCR members as authors and technical reviewers of books, conducting seminars and workshop, training, and others.

Thanks CAL, for helping PSITE NCR, and we hope this is just the start of a fruitful and lasting relationship !!!