[LINKAGES] IBM Career Exploration 2013

IBM will be hosting an online live virtual event called IBM Career Exploration on 19-September-2013, Thursday, 3PM-7PM.  This event is designed for graduating students and recent graduates to engage in an information exchange with IBM, and learn how to prepare for a successful corporate career. Since it is an online virtual event, participants need only a computer with audio output and Internet connection to join the event. 


Registration is already open and it is free of charge.  We urge you to encourage your students to pre-register for the virtual event and take advantage of this opportunity to learn from leading experts.


Registration site: https://ibm.biz/BdxkNJ


In line with this, we would like to enjoin your support by sending the invitation to school administrators and your students.  If you have questions, you may reach the following individuals:


Alexis Pantola – pantolav@ph.ibm.com

cc: Rich An T. Cruz – rich.cruz@ph.ibm.com

cc: Alfredo Antone Nono – alf.antone@dc.ibm.com

cc: John Ruero – john.ruero@gmail.com


For more information about the event, click IBM Career Exploration page.  Thank you and “see” you virtually in this event.