[MSW] 1st PSITE NCR Research Symposium

PSITE NCR invites you to its First Research Symposium with the theme “Advances in ICT Research in Education” on 11-December-2013, 1PM at the JPL Hall of Freedom-Lyceum of the Philippines University, Intramuros, Manila.



The PSITE-NCR research symposium aims to provide a venue to present innovative ideas, approaches, developments and results of research projects in a specific area of Information Technology and Technology-based Education. The symposium also aims to promote the exchange of information between researchers, faculty, administrators, students and I.T. practitioners.  This year’s symposium will focus on collaborative student and faculty research outcomes in ICT for Education. Some fields in relation but not limited to this type of research are as follows:

• Collaborative Learning
• Courseware Development
• Instruction support tools
• Distance Learning/E-Learning
• Knowledge-Based Systems
• Learning & Content Management Systems
• Mobile or Web-Based Learning
• Education Management Systems



For authors, please note the following dates:

• Submission: on or before November 20, 2013
  >only one entry per PSITE-NCR Institutional Member
  >sent via courier to Mr. Samuel Chua
  College of Computer Studies
  Lyceum of the Philippines University
  Murralla St. Intramuros Manila.
• Confirmation of accepted papers: November 27, 2013
• Symposium Date: December 11, 2013


To know more about the symposium, click  Downloads section of the PSITE NCR website, and click the pdf file named “1st PSITENCR Research Symposium”.  Good luck!