[MSW] 2nd PSITE NCR Research Symposium

Attention: All Active Institutional Member Schools of PSITE-NCR for SY 2014-2015


The 2nd PSITE-NCR Research Symposium will happen on December 9, 2014 at the Lyceum of the Philipines University, Intramuros, Manila at 12:00noon – 5:00pm.  It provides a venue to present innovative ideas, approaches, developments and results of research projects in a specific area of Computer Science or Computer Engineering and Information Technology or Information Systems. The symposium primarily promotes the exchange of information between researchers, faculty, administrators, students and I.T. practitioners. The symposium will focus on collaborative student and faculty research outcomes in two ICT research categories:


Computer Science or Computer Engineering program field of innovation research

Information Technology or Information System program field of project research


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished full research papers for presentation at the 2nd PSITE-NCR Research Symposium on or before Nov. 28, 2014. The Symposium Review Policy requires that each PSITE-NCR Institutional member can only submit one entry per category and it should be peer-reviewed and endorsed by their Research Director or Dean. The field of research of the paper submitted should conform to the set symposium research focus. All qualified papers will be announced on December 3, 2014 and will be included in the symposium program.


Note the said program field should be offered in the said institutional member to qualify entry. (i.e. An institutional member that offers only the BS-IT program and BS-IS program can only send one research paper, or an institutional member that offers BS-CS and BS-IS programs can send two research papers, one research paper each for each category.)


A review of all papers is undertaken by the members of the Paper Review Committee to determine the outstanding paper award comprising of industry practitioners and a PSITE-NCR board member. The registration fee of Php3,000.00 includes 10 attendees including the research proponents and at least one of author(s)should be available to explain their research poster or present their paper if accepted in the top three of each category to be announced during the date of the symposium.


Each research paper entry should comprise the following submission: (incomplete submission leads to automatic disqualification in the search for outstanding paper award)

a. A completely filled-out the attached registration form with the complete names of the authors and participants (Should be a collaboration of Faculty and students) [google drive]

b. An abstract (maximum of 200 words) in pdf format [google drive]

c. The full research paper in pdf format [google drive]

d. A research poster printed in a tarpaulin/paper sized A2 (Width:16.5″ x Height:23.4″) and in portrait orientation. [Submitted to registration on day of event]

e. A PowerPoint presentation good for a maximum of 10 minutes [google drive]

f. A maximum of two minute multimedia video about their research paper playable in Windows standard media format. To be played during registration, opening and break [google drive]

g. Scanned Endorsement from their Dean or Research Director as official entry to the symposium.

h. Scanned Deposit slip of registration fee of P3,000 (P300 per participant X 10, Registration include certificate of participation, snacks, symposium proceedings per participant) [google drive]

**put all digital files in a folder in google drive and share full access to samuelschua@gmail.com


Should you have other queries, please email the symposium chair Dr. Samuel S. Chua, the PSITE-NCR Vice President at samuelschua@gmail.com.


For those who wish to attend the Symposium, a pre-registration is required and walk-ins will no longer be entertained. the registration fee is PHP 300.00 per attendee. The fees includes certificate of participation, symposium proceedings, and snacks. But due to the limited capacity of the venue, priority will be given to official research entries.


The mechanics for the research syposium and the form may be downloaded in the Downloads section of the landing page of the PSITE NCR website, click Downloads folder, and click the Date folder to sort the files by date.


Thank you very much.

Your PSTE-NCR Board SY 2014-2015