[MSW] Structured Cabling System Design and Network Testing

Did you know that the despite the proliferation of wireless connectivity solutions, the cabling systems used for vertical and horizontal distributions found in most building risers and telecommunication cabinets conform to structured cabling design standards?  Further, how are cabling systems tested?  Have you used digital multimeters and Fluke network testers to test your structured cabling?


 If you want to know more about structured cabling, the standards, and the tools used to test the design, join the MSW on Structured Cabling System Design and Network slated on 11-Nov-2011 for a whole day.  The venue is still being finalized, and will be published in the PSITE NCR website.


To give you an idea of the topics to be covered, please see the outline below.  Industry standards such as ISO/IEC 11801, TIA/EIA 568C, EN50173 are also included.

I. Introduction to Structured Cabling System (SCS).
II. Data Transmission.
III. Standards.
IV. SCS Subsystem.
V. Architectural Consideration Design.
VI. Horizontal Subsystem Design.
VII. Network Testing


Happy SCS Designing and Testing!