[NEWS] Congratulations to a successful research seminar

It was a successful research seminar on Affective Computing and Artificial Intelligence in Games held at the Leong Hall, Ateneo de Manila University at Loyola Heights, QC last 14-Jan-2012!  More than 200 attendees from different schools within and outside Metro Manila joined the event, together with PSITE NCR members!

Dr. Didith Rodrigo opened the seminar on Affective Computing with her talk on Integrating Computer Science and the Learning Sciences, followed by topics that dealt with Data Collection Methods, Data analysis, Design of Affective Agents, Development of Affect-Sensitive Games, and others.



The afternoon session was equally interesting, as Dr. Taesik Kim of the Keimyung Unviersity in South Korea presented Game AI: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!  Who have not heard of the most successful mobile game application “Angry Birds”, “World of Warcraft”, and others?  Those who still recall the games (and applications)  of yesteryears like “PacMan”, “Space Invaders”, etc., had found out that artificial intelligence had been used in them, and with the newer technologies, AI has now been incorporated by more than 50% in games?  Dr. Kim also stated the importance of Mathematics, Physics and Artificial Intelligence in Gaming Development! 


With this success, PSITE NCR board, through its board president John Ruero, is now in talks with a possible research collaboration with Ateneo de Manila University Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS) on the fields of Affective Computing and Artificial Intelligence in Games.  The PSITE NCR community, particularly the educators, will be invited to join this research collaboration.  More details will be published in the PSITE NCR website! 


In behalf of the PSITE NCR community, we congratulate the Ateneo team for staging this research seminar, led by Dr. Didith Rodrigo,  and supported by Dr. Jon Fernandez, Dr. Andrei  Coronel, Ms. Mel Nicdao, and others.