[NEWS] Deed of Donation Signing between PSITE NCR and TechFactors

The Deed of Donation contract signing between PSITE NCR, led by its President John Ruero, and Techfactors, headed by Mr. Emeterio Shinyo, was held last 17-November-2011 at the 3rd Floor, SV Building at Adamson University.  Witnesssing the event were PSITE NCR board members Carmela Racelis, Sam Chua, Avonn Nova, Jasmin Niguidula and Marvi Aresta; and RB Jimenez, Techfactors’ Marketing Services Officer.

Techfactors has donated TxtLinQ, a communication software that enables interaction and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications using the text messaging technology and is based on best global CRM practices.  It will allow PSITE NCR to send text broadcasts to a pre-registered recipient base, i.e., between the PSITE NCR and its members.

In particular, TxtlinQ is a client-server application that utilizes SMS to execute its information routing functions. The application manages and maintains a customer interaction database that responds to messages and information requests initiated and sent by PSITE NCR via SMS on a real-time and/or scheduled basis. Its main features include: (a) broadcasting of thousands of messages in one go; (b) reception of thousands of messages in real time; (c) sending messages to a particular group; (d) interface with PSITE NCR’s existing database for INFO-ON-DEMAND; and (e) provisions for quick surveys and/or feedbacks.

Further, the donation may be used continuously for a period of one year, commencing on November 17, 2011.

PSITE NCR is grateful for this donation.  This is another channel that PSITE NCR intends to use to reach out to you, our beloved members!