[NEWS] DevCon Code Challenge Cup (C-Cup)

When/Where: 30 Nov. 2012, 2pm-8pm, Xavier School Greenhills, San Juan

What: The DevCon Code Challenge Cup (C-Cup) is a 6-hour competition where teams of 3 people will be asked to solve 10 problems using their own computers. The algorithm contest will support the following programming languages/tools:

  • C, C++ – GCC 4.7.2
  • Java – OpenJDK 7u9-2.3.3
  • PHP – CLI 5.4.6
  • Ruby – MRI 1.9.3p194
  • Python – CPython 3.2.3
  • JavaScript – Node.js 0.6.19
  • C#, VB.NET – Mono
There will also be categories for college and high school students as long as there are enough competitors in the category and the winning student team is at least able to solve one problem set correctly. Grand prize as of writing is P16,000 cold cash!

How: Sign up your team by sending an email to mailbox@devcon.ph with the subject “C-Cup.” Payment details will be given once you have registered your team.

Rate per Team Professional High School Grade School Deadline
Early Bird P500 P360 P360 11/16/12
Regular P800 P500 P500 11/23/12
Walk-in* P1200 P800 P800 11/30/12
*Subject to availability of slots. We will only accommodate 20 teams per category.



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