[NEWS ESS] IBM DB2 Registration and Prequalifying Exam Deadlines Extended until 25-Nov-2011 5PM

PSITE NCR is happy to announce that, after consultation and agreement with Mr. Alexis Pantola of IBM, the IBM DB2 registration and pre-qualifying exam deadlines have been extended for one more week, ending on 25-Nov-2011 (Friday) at 5PM.  You may still want to register and take the pre-qualifying exam within the extended period.

For your guidance, please read on.

a. Those who have already registered and have taken the pre-qualifying exam will not be allowed to re-register and re-take the exam anymore;
b. Those who have already registered and HAVE NOT taken the pre-qualifying the exam may be allowed to take the pre-qualifying exam; and
c. Those who have not yet registered may register within the extension period, and will be provided with an account to be able to take the pre-qualifying exam.

The results obtained by 5PM of 25-Nov-2011 will be sent to IBM.  The acceptance stage kicks in.  Applicants who passed in the pre-qualifying exam will be notified by IBM, and will be given the official Application Form and MOA documents. The notified participants will be required to complete and to submit back all the needed documents on or before 30-November-2011, the extended deadline set by IBM for the final screening. Consequently, the successful candidates will be informed by IBM individually through email.  PSITE NCR does not decide who will get into the final cut.  IBM’s decision is final.

I encourage you to allow your faculty members to register to this training.

This is still OPEN to all PSITE NCR members (individual and institutional representatives).  If you or your faculty members wish to register, kindly fill in the form PSITE NCR IBM DB2 TRAINING by clicking the link below.  Good luck!


If you have questions, you may reach the PSITE NCR President, John Ruero, at +63 917 8194575 or +63 918 8194575, or email him at john.ruero@gmail.com.  You may also visit PSITE NCR website at http://www.psite-ncr.org/ for more details.