[NEWS] Exploratory Meeting with Headstart and TechFactors

Here’s looking forward to brighter months ahead with Headstart Business Solutions Inc.*, TechFactors Inc. and PSITE NCR collaboration!!!

PSITE NCR Board of officers has recently met up with Headstart Business Solutions and Techfactors to discuss possibilities for future collaboration with PSITE NCR members.  The meeting was held at the UCC Coffee Shop along Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City on 14-Nov-2011, with Headstart President Armando Codera Jr., TechFactors President Mr. Emeterio Shinyo and officers Hera Acosta and RB Jimenez,  PSITE NCR President John Ruero and board members.  Areas explored for possible team up included research, faculty immersion for at least six (6) months, seminars and workshops, and a Memorandum of Agreement between Headstart and PSITE NCR for text messaging communication system for information dissemination across PSITE NCR members.

TechFactors HeadStart PSITE NCR

Further, a “Career Pathing for Senior Graduating High School Students” seminar has been discussed for possible implementation next year.  This seminar will be open for NCR high school students planning to take IT courses in college, and PSITE NCR Institutional Members can use that venue to offer and market their respective IT programs to the students. 

We will update you on the developments with our collaboration efforts with Headstart and TechFactors!  What an exciting time to be a member of PSITE NCR!!! 

*Headstart Business Solutions Inc. is a proud PSITE NCR Industry Member.