[NEWS] Kudos to the CelebrateIT! event

Congratulations to a successful CelebrateIT! event of itprosasia which was held at the AFP Theater last 22-November-2011.  More than 1000 students from PSITE NCR institutional members braved the rains just to hear industry leaders talk about possible career opportunities across the different fields in Information Technology.  The penultimate activity was a talk delivered by no less than the PSITE NCR President John Ruero on the topic “Is there really a career in teaching in IT Education?” 

His animated talk endeared him to a very lively and participative crowd!  When asked if they would plan to teach in the future, only seven (7) students from the entire crowd signified their interest.  Ruero challenged the participants to consider going into the teaching career as well, sharing both the intrinsic and extrinsic benefits of the profession! In the end, “we need more teachers in the Philippines”, Ruero added.