[NEWS] Lean Management for Leaner PSITE NCR

A Lean Management Seminar for a Leaner PSITE NCR community!

The MSW on Lean Management was successfully conducted at the FEU-East Asia College last 7-March-2012 by no less than the first and only Filipino Global Lean Management Sensei, Mr. Homer Villa.   It was attended by PSITE NCR members, plus IT and Industrial Engineering  students and a few FEU-EAC faculty members. 

Mr. Villa shared concepts about lean management, the third successful global business management practice developed and practiced first in Toyota, and was subsequently used in manufacturing and other industries!  Further, he shared this interesting insight.  The U.S. Economy grew to becoming no. 1 in the world because of Mass Production Management, while the Japanese Economy used to be no. 2 in the world because of Lean Production Management.  In the local setting, however, the Philippines is at least two decades behind, and that compelled him to start generating the awareness about Lean Management to the local community.  It was also a great opportunity to cascade this information down to the academic community, and in fact, Mr. Villa encouraged the academic community to join the Lean Management Philippines (LMP) through the Lean Education Academic Initiative (LEAN), where he is the founder. 

Lean Management is also practiced and used in the IT industry through Agile Technology, Scrum, and others.  This is the start of a series of Lean Management seminars.  As concurred by LMP and PSITE NCR, the second part of the seminar series will take place sometime June or early July 2012!  See you all there!