[NEWS] Legally Binding….? Then Let’s Talk Digital Privacy

It was a successful back-to-back monthly seminar-workshop (MSW) held last 25-November-2011 at the TIP-Manila Arlegui campus, with more than 100 attendees gracing the event., and TIP Manila IT Chair, Ms. Susan Caluya, providing the welcome remarks.

The participants for the morning MSW on IT Legal Issues were treated with an interesting plate of “legalities and jurisprudence” by no less than the Dean of the College of IT Education of TIP-Manila, Dr. Charlemagne G. Lavina, who sustained a very interested audience!  It was an insightful and informative session, as the participants heard Dean Lavina talk about the pertinent laws governing certain cases relating to IT and education, and gave practical views on such controversial and celebrated cases like Katrina Halili’s case, among others.


The afternoon MSW on Digital Privacy was focused towards anti-piracy and privacy theme, with representatives and officers from the Optical Media Board led by Esperanza Coronel,  Ryan Botengan and Robert Bulanadi delivering a powerful message on anti-piracy and digital privacy with their rally on “Bawal Kumopya”.  Students from TIP Manila and FEATI University also attended the said event, with interesting questions and comments raised by both the educators and students on licenses, thrust, implementing rules, and others.

The back-to-back MSWs were generously supported by CAL, Gatsby, PSBank, FUSCC, FEATI University, Oleia, SunLife, Blue Horizon Maritime Training and Assesment Center, Mind Shapers Inc. and TIP Manila.