[NEWS] Philippine National Robotics Competition

The PSITE NCR President John Ruero was invited to grace and observe the 2012 National Robotics Competition and Exhibition held last 20-January-2012 at The Arena, San Juan City.  Elementary and secondary students from different schools in the Philippines competed their robots across different categories, incluidng the line tracing, prison break, and the much-awaited Sumo Robots event.  The grand winners will represent the Philippines in the International Robotics Competition to be held in South Korea by second half of the year!  PSITE NCR is in exploratory talks with the Pinoy Robot Games Founder and Director Melvin Matulac for possible linkage, including trainings and seminars with the PSITE NCR members, joint research project in the field of Robotics and Embedded Systems, and a “Teacher’s Edition” competition among the PSITE NCR educators using their robot designs, following the tradition of the Pinoy Robots  Foundation annual robotic competition.  Details will be published about the status of the  linkage talks in the PSITE NCR website!