[NEWS] Successful OBE Training

“Your OBE initiative should be anchored to your Vision, Mission and Objectives,” stated by Oliver Malabanan. This kick-started the 2-day workshop for ITE program heads, deans, and VPAAs, and was co-sponsored by PSITE-NCR and CHED. The event was held at TIP-QC on July 25 to 26, 2013. With more than 41 institutions in NCR with 78 attendees participating in the workshop, the objective of the workshop was to prepare the participants on how to develop their Outcome Based Education (OBE) initiatives and how the upcoming CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) on OBE is to be used in their preparations. This activity is also a CHED initiative that will go across the Philippines with PSITE-NCR being the first to roll out this program in NCR.



The two days was very productive with Dr. Cynthia Llanes of TIP welcoming the participants and sharing the OBE preparation process and practice of TIP. This was followed by a workshop seminar by Mr. Oliver Malabanan from the CHED Technical Panel on ITE. All the participants were very involved in the workshop and sharing activities. The activity started with reviewing the alignment of their curriculim to their vision-mission, industry benchmarks, and expected professional outcomes. From then, the workshop continued to review the intial outputs of the CHED technical panel and how it will relate to thier OBE preparations. The final output of the workshop was a review of their syllabus to come up with relevant objectives as aligned the the ACM standards. At the end all the participants was able to get a glimpse and  experience how to start their OBE journey in their respective institutions.


– Contributed by PSITE NCR EVP Sam Chua