[NEWS] Twice the Fun with Robots

It was surely a fun-filled, competitive ESS on Robotics and Embedded Systems held last 26-Jan-2012 at the Asia Pacific College (APC).  The Program Director for IT  in APC, Ms. Rhea Valbuena, welcomed the participants from the diferent NCR member schools, with guest Mr. Boogie Boydon, past PSITE National President, gracing the event. 

Our participants were treated with lecture + hands-on robotics and programming by our resource speaker, Ms. Beronika Pena from Pinoy Robot Games Foundation Inc., to allow their robotic creations to move, evade obstacles, and compete!  Because the teachers were so involved in their creation, time just flew by!  The Sumobot competition was a blast!

Right now, PSITE NCR President John Ruero is in talks with Pinoy Robot Games Foundation for a “Teacher’s Edition, or TE for short” annual event for a training + competition across PSITE NCR schools on robotics.  More details  will be published in the website as PSITE NCR firms up this very exciting linkage!  As the song goes… “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto, Domo <domo>...”