Now it can be told: Successful Consultative Assembly

The recent consultative assembly for Deans, Program Heads, Chairpersons, and Faculty, together with the representatives from the ICT Industry, SEIPI through ASITEP, executive search firm,PSIA, CHED Zonal Research team, and the Technical Committee on Computer Science, held last 29-July-2011 at the Club Intramuros in Manila, was a resounding success, with almost 80 participants who filled in the venue!

Led by the energetic PSITE NCR President, John Ruero, the consultative assembly served as a forum for a healthy discussion on the challenges, issues, barriers and enablers of establishing and sustaining linkages between the ICT Industry and the academic sector. 

The theme for the consultative assembly was on Industry-Academe Linkages, and representatives from various ICT industry players and organizations, namely, Pointwest, Technologies, HP, Orange & Bronze, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, PSIA, ASITEP, and the CHED Zonal Research team, had shared their thoughts on their experiences with establishing and sustaining linkages with the academe.  Bole Associates had given its two cents’ worth on its experience with workforce supply & demand, and had challenged the current PSITE NCR Board on how to further improve the apparent disconnects and gaps between industry and academe.

Not to be outdone, representatives from the academic sector had also shared their challenges and issues with the industry, and had suggested to look for ways on how to strengthen the current linkages, including the formation of a Council of Deans of ITE in NCR to discuss these.

“This is just the initial attempt by PSITE NCR to help forge better and stronger linkages between ICT industry and academe, and through this forum, be able to articulate and express the sentiments of both parties,” John Ruero said.  “It’s time to talk, and though we don’t expect changes to happen overnight, this will provide the spark needed to start looking at linkages seriously,” he further stressed.

PSITE NCR acknowledged and thanked Easter Telecoms in the consultative assembly who was a major sponsor for the event.