PSITE – NCR Nomination and Election 2017 Guidelines


I.  Outgoing Board Members

*SAMUEL CHUA – Lyceum of the Philippines University

*JOVY FACTOR – Meridian International College

MA. TERESA PANCHO – Arellano University Mandaluyong

ROSAURO MANUEL – National University

**MILANI AUSTRIA – former: Meridian International College

* 2 consecutive term board members not eligible to run

** Vacated board seat by resignation due to migration to church service in another country

The rest of the identified outgoing board members are eligible to run in the coming election on conditions of qualifications are met. Due to realignment of the Board composition to the PSITE Operations Manual started last year 2016. There will only be 3 board seats open for election for a term of 3 years. In addition, due to a vacated seat by resignation a 4th board seat is open for election to finish the remaining 1 year of the said resigned board member.

A PSITE-NCR Board member shall support, oversee and conduct, with his/her fellow elected board members, the activities provided for the members.


The nomination process for the Election of the PSITE-NCR Board Members for SY 17-18 shall be done online (using the election google form sent to and posted in the website) starting March 8, 2017 to March 15, 2017 until 5:00 P.M. Validation of the eligibility of the nominee and the nominating person will be done after the closing of the nomination.  NOTE: EACH MEMBER IS ONLY ALLOWED TO NOMINATE 1 CANDIDATE AND SHOULD BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT ON ELECTION DAY TO MAKE THE NOMINATION VALID.   The Membership committee will facilitate verification and validation of nominees

a.  Nominee(s)

  • should be a PSITE NCR member
  • no outstanding balance, has paid all his/her dues
  • has attended at least 2 activities (in the region) of the current school year excluding the attendance in the election day
  • should be physically present on the election day

b.   Nominating Person

  • should be a PSITE NCR member of good standing who pays all his dues
  • has attended at least 1 activity (in the region) of the current school year excluding the attendance in the election day
  • should be physically present on election day to qualify nominee as official nominated candidate.


1.     Qualifications of the Voter

  • Institutional representatives and individual members have the right to vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the Society.
  • Each official institutional representative or individual member is entitled to one (1) vote.
  • Voter should be a PSITE member of good standing who pays all his/her dues
  • The Membership committee will facilitate verification and validation of voters
  • Only members who are physically present can vote.

2.     Election Method

Qualified nominees shall be announced through the PSITE-NCR Yahoogroups (, PSITE-NCR website ( and shall be presented during the March  MSW, at Hive Hotel.  The nominees and the nominator are required to be physically present before the election begins.

3.  Election Details

An electronic casting of votes will be used.

4.  Announcement of Winners

The top 3 candidates who will get the most number of votes shall be declared winners and will serve for 3 years. Whereas the 4th rank shall assume the remaining 1 year term of the vacated resigned board member.

5.  Board of Canvassers

The Regional Chapter Trustees and other members of the PSITE-NCR Board (excluding those running for office) are the board of canvassers.


Link to google form for nomination: