PSITE NCR Election, MOITES Awards, and MSW March 2020


March is the 3rd month of the year so we’re hitting 3 big events at the same time!

1. MSW March 2020: Handling Your Students’ Mental Health Issues
2. Awarding of Most Outstanding I.T. Education Students (MOITES)
3. PSITE NCR Election 2020

The tri-event will be held at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, NCR Philippines. Registration starts at 12:00pm. Event proper will start at 1:00pm followed by the MOITES Awards and PSITE NCR Election 2020.

MSW March 2020: Handling Your Students’ Mental Health Issues

In Partnership with the Association for Psychological and Educational Counselors of Asia-Pacific (APECA), this event will be presented by Carolyn C. Quiba, the RGC Director, Guidance and Testing Center of Lyceum of the Philippines University, and Auditor of APECA.

Make your reservation now!

MOITES Awards 2020

Calling the attention of Institutional Representatives of the following schools. Congratulations! The following institutions qualify in the upcoming MOITES Awards for ITE graduating students (CS/IT/IS/EMC).

  • Access – Cubao
  • Access – Lagro
  • Access – Manila
  • Adamson University
  • Arellano University – Legarda
  • Arellano University – Malabon
  • Arellano University – Mandaluyong
  • Arellano University – Pasay
  • Arellano University – Pasig
  • City University Of Pasay
  • Far Eastern University – Diliman
  • Far Eastern University – Manila
  • FEU Institute Of Technology
  • Informatics College Northgate
  • Jose Rizal University
  • Lyceum Of The Philippines University- Manila
  • Manila Central University
  • National University
  • Our Lady Of Fatima University – QC
  • Our Lady Of Fatima University – Valenzuela
  • St. Paul University – QC
  • Taguig City University
  • TIP – Manila
  • UE – Caloocan
  • UST – IICS

Qualifications for MOITES:

  1. The institution should be an active member of PSITE-NCR and of good standing;
  2. An active institutional member has participated in at least 2 NCR activities of the organization;
  3. Only 1 award is given per institution;
  4. The Honor’s Committee of the institutional member selects the awardee;
  5. The awardee should be a graduating student.

Kindly submit the FULL NAME of your chosen awardee for the Academic Year 2019-2020 and the following documents to not later than March 21, 2020:

  1. Recommendation Letter from the Institution
  2. Curriculum Vitae (with 1 2×2 ID picture, white background)
    1. Educational Background
      • Preparatory School
      • Primary Level
      • Secondary Level
      • Collegiate Level
    2. Achievements
      • Honors/Awards Received
    3. Co- / Extra-Curricular Involvement
      • Organizational Membership
      • Contest Participation (but not limited to)
      • Others
  3. Scholastic Records
  4. One (1)Graduation Picture
  5. Recognition details:
    1. Complete Name of the Awardee (First name, Middle name, Last Name)
    2. Program of the Awardee
    3. Date and Place of the Graduation
    4. Honor or Recognition from the Institution (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude, etc.)

PSITE NCR Election 2020

Nomination Guidelines:

1. Nominee

  • should be an active PSITE NCR member for the current academic year
  • no outstanding balances and has paid all his/her dues;
  • has attended at least two (2) activities (in the region) of the current school year excluding the attendance in the election day;
  • should be physically present on election day.

2. Nominating Person

  • should be an active PSITE NCR member of the current academic year of good standing who has paid all his dues;
  • has attended at least one (1) activity within NCR of the current school year excluding the attendance in the election day;
  • should be physically present on election day to qualify nominee as an official nominated candidate.

3. Voter

  • Each official institutional representative or individual member is entitled to one (1) vote.
  • The voter should be a PSITE member of good standing who pays all his/her dues.
  • Only members who are physically present can vote.

Please click the link below to nominate using our official Nomination Form: