PSITE NCR Research 1: Training Needs Analysis

TNA Results


The PSITE NCR Research Team had recently conducted a survey on training needs analysis for NCR HEI’s.  The result of the survey was presented during the consultative assembly of Deans, Program Heads, Chairs, and faculty members held last June 2008 at the PLDT Innolab.  The National ICT Competency Standards (NICS) Framework was used as the model for the survey questionnaire.


Among the highlights of the TNA results are the following:

1. The level of importance as per the NICS Framework is Technological, Social, Pedagogical, and Professional.  However, the need for training is Professional, Pedagogical, Social, and Technological skills.

2. The important and needed competency skills are as follows:

a. Use of educational technology media that supports the curriculum. (Technological domain)

b. Ethical use of information content, including plagiarism issues, open source/open access, licensing of copyrighted materials. (Social)

c.  Development of applications within their disciplines that make effective use of ICT to support and extend teaching and learning. (Social)

d.  Establishing learning environments that engage all students in focused learning experience and encourage interactions among teachers and students. (Pedagogical)

e.  Demonstrate continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and emergent technologies. (Professional)