PSITE NCR Webinar Series 10.20.2020 Session 12

PSITE NCR will host a webinar on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. This Session is free. Non-members may join. E-certificates are exclusive to members only.

Session 12 (06:00pm-07:30pm)

Mysteries of Mental Health – Unleashed!

Join us in a halloweeny evening about Mental Health for IT Educators. As the adage states – health is wealth. Allow us to help you learn stress management, effectively relate to others, and do healthy choices. Presented by Ms. Carolyn C. Quiba, RGC, Director of Guidance and Testing Center, LPU.

Wear your spooky HALLOWEEN COSTUME and get a chance to win AMAZING PRIZES! Won items will be shipped to your doorsteps.

This session will also host the special awards for PSITE-NCR Officers SY 2019-2020.

Link to the Feedback Form will be active during the Session until 11:59pm of the same date.

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Due to our account limitation, first 100 people can enter the Zoom venue. Ensure a stable internet connection to avoid dropping. When the room is full, you can watch our stream via Facebook Live.

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