[SEMINAR] Catching Capital: Tapping Capital Sources for Growing Firms

Here is another seminar that PSIA is extending to PSITE NCR members!  Five (5) slots are to given away to PSITE NCR members FOR FREE

The seminar is entitled Catching Capital: Tapping Capital Sources for Growing Firms, which will be held on 22-Sept-2011, Thursday, 2:30PM-6PM at the J.V. del Rosario Rooms 2-5, 4th Floor, AIM Conference Center, Benavidez corner Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

If you are interested, please email the PSITE NCR President John Ruero at john.ruero@gmail.com on or before 20-Sept-2011 (Tuesday).  A confirmation email will be sent to the first five (5) successful PSITE NCR members.

For some background about the seminar, please see the details below:

Access to Working Capital allows you to undertake high-margin projects that improve the profits and cash flows of your company. Working Capital is hard to find, because the banks hesitate to lend.

Individual firms need capital to:

…Develop a Concept – To prove that an invention works, and can be “brought to market.”

…Find a Buyer – Expenses to do marketing; to find your first big buyer for the software package.

…Deliver a Service – You need to hire the right people, and provide them the right tools.

…Win the bid for a high-margin project, one that requires many millions of projected expenses. Such amounts are beyond your reach, for now.

The industry needs access to working capital for projects that truly deserve funding, because they promise to deliver a result that pays back the initial expense, many times over.

The talk has four parts:

  1. Companies receive Seed Capital, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, and Private Equity at various stages in their life cycle.

  2. Why is there so much money in the investment world that flows to various companies, but not to me? Let us review the conditions that would encourage an investor to put money into your firms or your projects.

  3. Is there a form of working capital fund, that the software industry can build up, to make working capital available to the most deserving & high-margin projects?

  4. Could the software industry put up something like a “industry bank” ? Let us brainstorm for ideas, that will address the working capital needs of software firms, be they large or small.