Spiceworx Free Training for Students of PSITE-NCR Institutional Members

Young Japanese and Chinese professionals from highly reputable Systems Integration copmany in Japan will be visiting Manila to undergo communcations and sales training.  The program is open to accept Filipino participants to experience cross-cultural interaction while acquiring critical business skills in communications and sales.

Through the assistance extended by Spiceworx (http://www.spiceworx.com) through its President, Ms. Abe Abion, there will be free training slots to be given for graduating students of PSITE NCR institutional members on the following schedules (7 days, 56 hours, per batch):


Batch P7: August 16-24, 2011 (1 slot)

Batch P8: September 13-21, 2011 (1 slot)

Batch P9: October 18-26, 2011 (2 slots)

Batch P10: January 24 – February 1, 2012 (5 slots)


Fortunately, the slot for batch P7 was given to Ms. Joy Marasigan, a 4th year BS IT student from FEATI University.


So what are you waiting for?  Grab that chance and get your students to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, for FREE.  For more details, you may email PSITE NCR President John Ruero at john.ruero@gmail.com or info@spiceworx.com.