What is PSITE NCR Webinar Series?

The Webinar Series (WS) is the online version of our Monthly Seminar Workshop (MSW). Since the global pandemic has limited our daily regular activities, PSITE NCR created the Webinar Series to deliver the familiar services you love. The Webinar Series will be scheduled into Sessions. There may be more than one Session per day, so make sure to register in every Session to earn an e-certificate.

How much do I pay to register for a Session in the Webinar Series?

Please check the post via website. Some sessions are free to access. Some sessions are with fees.

Can I request a copy of the speaker’s presentation materials?

You may always replay the Sessions at our Facebook Live page or YouTube channel. These videos may be replayed anytime and anywhere as long as they are publicly available.

Zoom is already full. How do I get in?

When our Zoom session is in full capacity, you can no longer get in. You may watch the simultaneous webcast via Facebook Live, when available.

How do I earn an E-Certificate (Certificate of Participation) for joining a Session in the Webinar Series?

There are three (3) requirements to earn this:

  1. Pre-register for the Webinar Series. Each Session have separate registration pages. Visit our website post for the registration link.
  2. Attend the Session via Zoom (first 100 persons only) or the simultaneous webcast via Facebook Live, when available. Our system monitors the list of our attendees.
  3. Answer the Online Event Feedback Form that will be provided during the webinar. Stay tuned so you don’t miss it.

Where can I get the link to the Online Event Feedback Form?

Access to the Online Event Feedback From will be provided by the host by flashing it on the screen during the webinar. Be sure to stay tuned throughout the entire Session so you don’t miss the link. This link will also be posted in the chat section in Zoom and the comment section in Facebook Live, when available.

I can no longer access the registration page and/or the Online Event Feedback Form. Why is this happening?

The registration page may be accessed on or before the schedule of the Session. The Online Event Feedback Form may be accessed until 11:59pm of the same day of the Session.

I received the E-Certificate but there was a typographical error in my name and/or organization. Can I ask the Officers to change it? What can I do about it?

If your correct name is JUAN MIGUEL DELA CRUZ and your organization is PILIPINAS ACADEMY, but instead you entered JUANMIGUEEL DELA CRUZ – PILLILIPINAS ACADEMY during the registration, then you will receive an e-certificate with “JUANMIGUEEL DELA CRUZ – PILLILIPINAS ACADEMY” in it.

The system auto-generated and sent your e-certificate based on the inputs provided during the Registration. We did not type any part of your name or organization. Unfortunately, we will not make changes to your registration inputs nor your e-certificates. However, you are free to edit the typo using a PDF editor. Please double check your entries before clicking the Register button next time to avoid this inconvenience.

I did not receive the E-Certificate at all. Not even in my email spam folder. Why is that?

If your correct email address is juanmiguel@email.com but you entered a typographical error during the registration such as juanmiguel@email.comm (with a double “m” at the end), then the system will send the e-certificate to juanmiguel@email.comm and obviously, you will never receive it.

The email address you entered during the Registration is where the system sends your e-certificate after the webinar. After a successful Registration, you should receive an email confirmation within 30 minutes. If you did not receive this email confirmation, chances are you typed in a wrong email address and it was sent somewhere else or to an invalid email address. The auto-generated e-certificate might bounce back to our servers when your typed in the wrong email address. Please double check your entries before clicking the Register button next time to avoid this inconvenience.

Can I manually request an E-Certificate?

No. All e-certificates are system-generated based on the inputs provided during the Registration.

Do you print and mail (Grab, Lalamove, snail mail, etc) a certificate?

No. However, you may print your own copy.